Mozilla ubiquity in unified communications

The mozilla ubiquity is a cool graphical keyboard commad-line ui in which the user can enter commands and get them executed. Browser as the platform and network as the computer is evolving into a new phase.The unified communications paradigm that converge media did revolutionize the telecommunication industry.These web 2.0 revolution is reflected in all the areas of human communication.Recently I have seen a video where the Druid team, used the mozilla ubiquity tool integrated with their unified communication platform Druid. Druid bring together voicemail, VOIP, mobile phone, faxes and instant messaging into a common platform so that data from multiple sources get merged ;that's what uc meant to ....


Instead of writing a plugin/addon from scratch, this excellent tool enabled them to give a new provision for command execution.In the video Druid with SugarCRM turns Firefox into a powerful UC application that allows users to dial numbers, send faxes, set presence, and many other cool applications.Druid got a SOAP API to integrate with other applications like Zimbra, SugarCRM etc. Druid is open source.

really cool !!

Druid site

For those developers and ip telephony guys ..

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