The Spatial Operating Environment

Computer graphics was first used in the film TRON and its been a wondrous friendship with machines and human creativity from then on.The user interfaces we have seen in Minority Reports to recent JamesBond film, was always a dreamy-reality to the audience.The stuffs of wild imagination can now be available for not much more than the cost of a high-quality mouse!!
John Steven Underkoffler was the science advisor behind the futuristic interfaces we saw in Minority Reports,Iron Man( HUDs and the credits were awesome).He is also the founder of Oblong industries.They developed g-speak spatial operating environment.As human civilization progress, amount of information he needs will be more than ever before to survive in this
planet.Its going to be huge amount of data... So the collaborative universe of information has to be presented in a revolutionary interface.Microsoft Surface,Iphone are known to many.Oblong developed a solution to the real-world problems using gestural i/o,spatial pixels as the g-speak environments .This is an excellent video showing the environment in action.It is not only UI.They do provide a scalable framework for large-scale applications.

Think about future workspace,classrooms,desktops,war rooms :P ....The cognitive science has always been interesting to me.The interface do provide a sort of synaesthetic sensation to perceive amount of data, than senses could do.A harmony of mind and machine.Computer graphics has been a wonderful field as it the looking glass through which we see computing as a science and the future of human mind...near god-like experience.

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