What is Computational REST ?

I have written about REST before.CREST is about computational REST.I think the concept will be a milestone in developing applications on Resource Oriented Architecture (ROA).ROA is a set of guidelines of implementing REST architecture.This wikipedia article give a simple idea of the world of representations.

The image is taken from here gives an illustration of the kind of message passing used in Representational State Transfer.

REST is architectural style of distributed systems.RESTful Webservices are gaining importance in developing scalable applications.The web 2.0 technologies,ajax,mashups,comet,pub-sub technologies do envision the power of computing using internet.The computational resources in the web can be accessed by URIs.Whats buzz CREST ?

A client needs to execute a program.The origin server executes the code and return the result.This form the basis of CREST or Computational REST. Code snippets having conditional logic can be sent and the response will reflect the behavior of application.So the application can become more client centric.It can be like a service behavior changes with different client conditions.Computational REST (CREST) as an architectural style to guide the construction of computational web elements... The idea is similar to mobile code.This idea is originated from Rethinking Web Services from First Principles .They have given the underlined principles of REST and CREST.The technology is under research.So internet technologies are heating up.
The technology for using REST for process intensive integration is in a budding stage only.The distributed processing in REST way.. Programmability of web is becoming complex and disruptive!

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