A pretty pass time on competency management and ontology

I happened to read about competency management systems (CMS) and some researches going on it.Just curious about the how they are made and all.. Why we need as CMS ? Whats competence ? Read In large organizations human beings as skilled resources are managed using HRMS tools in an effective manner so that maximum productivity can be achieved....

I have read that in armies the skilled men are selectively recruited to complete mission critical tasks. In a super industrial society the human workers are picked as components and assembled as a team and the task is executed.After that , they are dispersed and combined with others.The process go on.This happens commonly in big software companies.So the softwares like CMS used to manage people in a company or team, for manageability and efficiency (mostly quantifiable).This is mainly because the world is entirely a knowledge economy.So knowledge management is the essential factor in any sector.The employees are to be trained very well on the desired competencies.The gapping skills have to be filled.The information about people,process,products and all resources has to be managed.
The companies do involve business process and related information works.Software companies do have people like domain experts,subject matter experts,developers,managers etc Knowledge management (KM) combines tools and technologies to provide support to the capture, access, reuse and dissemination of knowledge, generating benefits for the organization and their members.The skills of employees need to be updated as technology is becoming advanced day by day due the fast and wide distribution of information.As new generation internet technologies and concepts like web 2.0, social tools etc did make things more advancing beyond our imagination.I found that NASA uses CMS for managing the skills of their work force.I tried searching on net again.Then I learned that ontology based relationships (or rule based systems) can define the model for competency.One can build frameworks that allows them to build shareable ontologies and knowledge bases represented with Semantic Web Languages and to develop Competency-Based Web Services dedicated to Human Resource Management.A simple ontology look like this -
Pretty n00b .. i think .. :D
I think it basically a research subject and for more complex scenarios more complex systems will be evolved .Thats what I understood.World is too competitive!!

Links for the interested :
Papers i found here here

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