A gmap opensocial gadget - Voila

Recently I started working on an opensocial application platform based on java and php.Previous posts on opensocial and apache shindig is written while I am  involved in the development. The open social applications allow to share the data between different sites and social networks.I developed a sample gadget to mashup data from our social application platform with Google maps, I named it "Voila".Using this one can save the last location you been and share it with friends.Also you can view your friends shared locations.One can play around for those who don't carry a location based device.It uses Opensocial's persistence feature. 

I made another gadget which uses a job site's service .The gadget named "Empleo" is intelligent , it automatically gathers owner's job interests and update each time .Also he can go for search tool embedded within it.Another thing I did was to integrate Tell-a-Friend WOMM widget with an opensocial gadget.So the user can tell a friend about a job of him using any service.

Empleo Screenshots viewed inside preview window .

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