A try on iWidget Creation Technology

I tried to build and publish a widget in the iWidgets platform.A data view widget in which my friendfeed will be displayed in it.The UI is similar to other mashup tools like yahoo pipes,Presto wires . It has a customization wizard for the widget, its cool.It supports native widgets.Their WidgetWORA™ technology is patent-pending and it is going to have a wide audience.Peter Yared, Founder & CEO was CTO of Sun Microsystems' Application Server Division.They have a Social Media Accelerator Program with a pay-per-performance pricing as well a free Self-Service form with ads.A good model for monetization.I tried to publish my widget. I couldn't find any link for showing my widget in my blog :( Also these social gadgets can be published to facebook,igoogle,myspace.My iWidget web workspace looked like a desktop tool.

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