Web 3.0 A case study part -1

While I was with TeamTa , a case study on Web 3.0 was made. It was really a wonderful experience for me as I was able to learn a lot about the emerging technologies. Atleast I came to know that how vast emerging web is the potential of web of entertainment to defense purposes.It is like another universe in which it has its own economy, culture,society,technology etc.. I tried to read as much as I can... yes it was really vast , infinite potential.Many research papers, many articles, many magazines... I know I am good at research.I was able to understand concisely. I am not expert in all these buzzword technologies ... I think one need not be working in high end technologies, but can learn about it and share it or use the idea in some other field.Internet did open human minds around the globe.Anyway I was able to understand and express the way I got it... I decided to open it and share it to world as its an interesting one... so someone somewhere will read it comment about it. As time pass by I will be able to review on the past works I have done.Anyway this blog was made for that purpose.View my case study.

web 3.0 part1
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