Apache Lucene - Indexing - Part 1

"Information retrieval (IR) is the science of searching for documents, for information within documents and for metadata about documents, as well as that of searching relational databases and the World Wide Web."

Most of the application uses search features.If you are looking to add a powerful text search engine feature to your application then use Lucene, which can add advanced Search Engine capabilities to an application.This is a really powerful Java API which gave birth to powerful tools such as Nutch,Hadoop,Hibernate search and so on.Lucene was started in 1997 and adopted by Apache in 2001.The main functionality Lucene does is the powerful full text indexing of data.
Indexing with Lucene breaks down into three main operations: converting data to text, analyzing it, and saving it to the index.Lucene looks for strings only , so the documents has to be parsed and indexed.
To search large amounts of text quickly, you must first index that text and convert it into a format that will let you search it rapidly, eliminating the slow sequential scanning process. This conversion process is called indexing, and its output is called an index. So the searching is done on this index to find the data related with a cost of space 'storing indexes'.
These index files can be stored in a directory .A lucene index is divided into segments madeup of several index files(Lucene Documents).An index can be related to mutiple documents.So if new documents are indexed , it is added to segments than modifying the existing index file.Lucene uses a feature called incremental indexing ie there will be a global indexing and index those incremental documents so that it is searchable.Regarding the structure of a lucene index, it is an inverted index .While searching, lucene loads the index to memory .It uses a high performance indexing which has an index size roughly 20-30% of the size of text indexed which uses less memory. The documents in an index is a collection of fields which is a named collection of terms like <field,term>.These fields are independent search space defined at run-time.The segments or sub-indexes are independently searchable and the results of these segments are merged.Suppose a wiki article is indexed , we can set the field properties, so that the field objects contain actual indexed article data or stored one.

More about lucene index file formats - here

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