Few videos i liked from Mix 09

I have worked on some .NET RIA projects before.I saw some videos from Mix09, and sharing some I liked.

Building a Rich Social Network Application

Learn how to build a social networking site using Microsoft Silverlight.Also explains how to mash up existing services, how to tag and store data in back-end services,and how to build a rich and engaging experience.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Visit this website for different ux patterns


There are different patterns for designing an application .See this video for how to enable rich communication patterns between your AJAX Web pages and Web server using existing and new features in WCF, Windows Communication Foundation.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

I have written about RESTful services before.In this video, look for ADO.NET Data Services matching REST.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

For Three Tier RIA Pattern

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