RESTlet and REST in GWT

REST has been widely accepted as an architectural concept for web applications.Web 2.0 technology has became the backbone of future pervasive and distributed computing.When I went through some search on REST based application development for Java I came to know about Restlet framewok.Recently Restlet was ported to Google web toolkit.GWT is successful like the time when applet came to web world.This frontend technology from Google brings Java to web browsers.It uses GWT-RPC mechanism to invoke server methods.The port, named “Restlet-GWT module” that helps to leverage existing RESTful back-ends.Days back the team released its new milestone Restlet 1.1 M5
They have updated their wiki for the how-to documentation of developing applications based on the new enhancement.
There is another implementation to develop RESTful applications using GWT-REST
They can be used as a replacement or used along-side with GWT-RPC , I think that will make it very useful.

Jérôme Louvel, Restlet founder based in Levallois-Perret, France, has established the Restlet project to create a REST framework on top of the Java Servlet API to "bring the simplicity and efficiency of the REST architectural style to Java developers."He is the founder of Noelios Consulting

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